X is for X-Ray


Art Print of X is for X-Ray

8×10 on archival watercolor paper, UV colorfast ink
Matted: Acid-Free, 11×14 White Core Bevel Cut with Backing

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X is for x-ray is dedicated to x-ray technicians who understand the importance of showing kindness to children in pain and practicing patience with their parents. No matter the reason for getting x-rays, the technician (or radiologic technologist) efficiently use cutting-edge imaging to see the inside of the human body accurately so the doctor may diagnose and treat the damage. In X is for X-Ray, a little girl has had an x-ray of her arm. There is a window of her friends writing on her cast (probably the only fun part of a broken bone) and then a window of the same girl later reading a book, feeling a lot better. Special thanks to Sarah. My favorite x-ray tech.


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