Custom Order

Something special
something more personal

Specialized Alphabet Letters

Perhaps you have a desire to spell out a child’s name to gift the mother to be with a personalized, one of a kind gift but the letters available are not sufficient.  I would be happy to paint another letter, either with your specific guidance or we can negotiate a letter if you need help deciding. 


Watercolor of something of your choice

A sketch of your family estate, a watercolor of a Cala Lilly for your wedding invitation, a watercolor of your family dog who has recently passed.  The options are endless.

Pricing: $300.00-$900.oo+ depending on size

Something Striking

Abstract Watercolor

You guide the art by describing colors, and ideas that move you.  To the right is a watercolor-inspired by water with the client guidance being “blue, with a hint of purple and no green. Photos of her favorite pieces of art and pottery were shared as an added guide.

Pricing: $300.00-$900.00 depending on size.