K is for Kangaroo


Art Print of K is for Kangaroo

8×10 on archival watercolor paper, UV colorfast ink
Matted: Acid-Free, 11×14 White Core Bevel Cut with Backing

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K is for Kangaroo features a female kangaroo with her baby joey against the backdrop of Australia. Kangaroos live in Eastern Australia in small groups called troops or herds. Australians call them “mobs” made up of 50 or more animals. They can leap 30 feet (9 meters) and travel more than 30 miles (48 kilometers) per hour. They are the tallest of all marsupials, standing 6 feet tall or more. Other than wild dogs called dingos and humans, kangaroos have few natural predators. Drought, heat, and hunger due to vanishing habitat are the most prominent dangers kangaroos face today. The coat of arms of Australia, a shield depicting symbols of Australia’s six states, is held by the kangaroo and emu and is used in the map’s north arrow. Drawn (not to scale) on the map perched upon Sydney Harbour is the Sydney Opera House, one of the 20th century’s most distinctive and famous buildings. Construction started in 1959 and in 1973 was completed.


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