G is for Guatemala


Art Print of G is for Guatemala

8×10 on archival watercolor paper, UV colorfast ink
Matted: Acid-Free, 11×14 White Core Bevel Cut with Backing

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G is for Guatemala holds an incredibly special place in my heart because my daughter was born in Guatemala. The national bird of Guatemala is the resplendent quetzal, and I think the name says it all. In the northern part of Guatemala, hidden deep in the jungle, is the Maya Biosphere Reserve, where new relics and imposing pyramids are being uncovered. Tourists from all over the world visit Tikal’s pyramids, causeways, and temples.

The stork on the cover of the book was painted for my daughter’s birth announcement and was sent out to friends and family along with thank- you notes, and an early rendition of G is for Guatemala.


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