Ladybug Version

Author’s Notes
Almost two decades have gone into lovingly crafting these alphabet letters. I almost died during the birth of my son in 2000. Knowing we wanted a sibling for him and another little one for ourselves also, we decided to adopt. At that time, I was decorating my son’s nursery and buying children’s books. In the back of my mind was our future child, the one we wouldn’t find for another five years. Drawn to vintage alphabets because they hold so much beauty and whimsy, I quickly realized that although my blonde son could undoubtedly find his likeness in these alphabets, our future child might not. Children need to see themselves inside their books and art. They should also find their friends and neighbors in those same places. The presence of diversity should be woven into the fabric in which we swaddle our children. I hope that every child will identify with letters in this book and that a sense of belonging and community follows.

The Ladybug Version has a seek and find element. Children will love learning the alphabet and about different places while also looking for a ladybug hidden on each page.

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